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After.Cash is a research and development company working on providing decentralized platforms for finance, communications, and collaboration.

We have seen how centralized platforms can deplatform and demonetize people. We don’t think that’s the right answer for disagreements. We have a strong commitment to free speech, privacy, and systems without gatekeepers.

Current Projects

Uncensorable Payments for Creators: 
Replatforming the deplatformed and demonetized, 
We want to enabling people who want make a living as creators.

This is where we host various Bitcoin Cash special interest groups and SIGs for other technologies that decentralize services. Contact us if you’d like to start a new discussion group with us.

On-chain Invoicing (OCI) is how we decentralized payments and removed “single points of failure” to build the Revolutionary.Cash payment system, but it could also be used with other wallets and payment systems. This site has the technical details.